Summer Road Trip Secrets

Avoiding the dreaded "are we there yets"!!

Whether you’re off to the cottage, a cross-country adventure, or just a series of small day-trips, keeping the kids relaxed in the car can be a challenge. With these tips your next car-journey can be more peaceful, more enjoyable, and definitely, a little more fun.

Beat the "hangrys!”

Having snacks on hand can be a total lifesaver. Reusable snack bags are a great way to make sure your kids have snacks at the ready for those inevitable tummy rumbles. Even better, taking reusable snack bags on the road with you means portion control: no more fights about who’s had more cookies!

road trip snack bags

Check out these totes adorable snack bags from Fluf. They’re certified organic cotton, with a polyester, water-resistant liner and have a Velcro closure, perfect for little hands to tear open on their own! Add to it the fact that Fluf has mastered the art of colorpop fun, you’ve got yourself the perfect road-trip/lunch bag/anytime snack sack that kids and grownups alike love to look at!!

A few good apps

No road trip is complete without some quiet, distraction time. Remember when we were young and we could either stare out the window, or read a book and get car sick? No more!

road trip ibiome app

There are some great apps out there that are both fun and educational. A great example is iBiome Ocean. This is the second app in the series (award-winning iBiome Wetland was their first). Kids get a chance to build aquatic habitats in this fun, educational game, from Stingray Bay. As they follow along with Professor Bio they’ll be learning all about the intricate nature of food chains within ecosystems and important environmental issues like over-fishing, coral bleaching, and pollution. Ibiome Ocean is geared for kids ages 7-12 and is full of brightly coloured animation and easy to follow steps. It's available in multiple languages. (Hey teachers! This fun app is also available in class sets!!)

Keep those kiddos busy

Keeping kids busy helps make the time go by faster. It just does. Make sure to pack them some new coloring books, a binder of blank paper, and this oversized toiletries bag which doubles as a fantastic pencil case, with crayons, washable markers, or pencil crayons. Toss in a couple of pencils and erasers (don’t forget a sharpener!) and you’re good to go!


This bag from Fluf (yes, again. And yes, their stuff is that great!) is perfect to stuff in a bunch of chubby markers, that little hands can easily access (and put away by themselves.) Better yet, fill this baby with travelling essentials, or use it as a killer wet bag when not jamming it full of art supplies! Like the snack bags, the bag is certified organic cotton, machine washable, and super duper cute!!

Avoid the where’s my…

Nothing is worse than blindly reaching into the backseat with one hand, while trying to drive with the other, all to find a missing toy, or fallen water bottle. On your next road trip, why not try a back of the seat organizer? They are a great way to store art supplies, water bottles and snacks, as well as that tablet. It can be as simple as purchasing a hanging shoe organizer bag and hanging it over the seat. You can easily find them on Amazon for under $15.

Chillin' out

Summer is hot. Like haawwwt. Kids feel it too! As much as the "I have to go pee" stops are frustrating and it can be tempting to limit liquids to avoid them, the reality is, kids need to be hydrated! Make sure the kiddos have some water handy with a kid-sized water bottle, like this one from Eco Vessel

road trip water bottle eco vessel

This 13oz. Frost Kids Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle features a flip spout with a silicone straw for no-tilt drinking. Made with 18/8 stainless steel construction, these cuties boast TriMax™ Triple Insulation Technology, which keeps drinks cold and hands dry. Eco Vessel promises to keep cold drinks cool for up to 36 hours. No BPA, phthalates or liners. Triple insulation means the bottle won’t get drippy condensation on the outside, which can be slippery in small hands, not to mention makes colouring book pages wet! #win

 road trip eco saucer green toys          

The one trick that can save a road trip!

Let’s face it: kids have a LOT of energy. A lengthy car trip, strapped into a seat, with not much to do to burn off that energy, can leave your little one frustrated, grumpy and oftentimes, whiny. A good way to combat this? Activity stops! Sure, it may mean not breaking your one hour no-stop record, but you’ll probably find your kids are more relaxed.

Even just a couple of 15 minute play breaks can make all the difference!

The EcoSaucer flying disk from Green Toys is a perfect way to kill some time, encourage some muscle stretching and even have a little fun. This bright green disc is made from 100% recycled grocery bags, contains no phthalates, PVC, or BPA and is proudly made in the USA!

Got a child who'd rather skip off all that energy? Green Toys has something for them, too! Green Toy's Jump Rope is adjustable, the rope is 100% cotton and the handles are made from the same recycled plastic as the EcoSaucer (and guess what? It's dishwasher safe!) 

Happy summer travels!