How to Make Oatmeal Fun for the Whole Family

get bowled over by these DIY oatmeal essentials
Bowl of oatmeal
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You love taco bars – now it’s time to try an oatmeal bar! Oatmeal is morning comfort in a bowl, and it can set your whole family up for success when you make it fun and let everyone customize their own. You can easily set it up in the morning, or prep toppings and add-ins the evening before (or even once a week). This way you can spend time enjoying breakfast together—or at least have fast, nourishing food for everyone to enjoy on their own time. Simple to keep allergy-free and special-diet friendly, you can start the day off right with a good breakfast, or hack your Sunday brunch with an oatmeal bar that family and friends will love!

Zego Oats


The kind of oatmeal you start with matters. Enjoy the delicious, robust flavour of ZEGO oats and their superior digestibility with the peace of mind that they are Purity Verified for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. These incredible oats are certified gluten-free, glyphosate-free, and contain twice the amount of protein and almost double the amount of fibre as traditional oats.



For a detoxifying boost, add this organic soil-based supplement rich in peptides, silica, and essential trace minerals into your bowl. Fulvic acid is an organic compound found naturally in the earth’s soil, created as millions of microbes decompose plant matter. This tasteless powder is proudly sourced from Canadian soils, and extracted with clean technology.

Bloom Awakening Plant Tonic

Plants by People

Mix yourself a morning tonic with these thoughtfully crafted wellness drinks made from 100% organic superfoods, botanicals, and adaptogens. Guided by ancient plant medicine and modern health science, these tonics help to strengthen and support the balance of energy within your body and bring a little more joy into your day. You can even just toss one into the pot along with your oats!


Crofter's Organic

Swirl a sweet concoction into your oatmeal with jammy ingredients you can feel good about! Crofter's Organic offers a whole host of yummy ways to add fruity sweetness to your bowl.

Pitaya Foods Dragon Fruit

Pitaya Foods

Oatmeal doesn’t need to feel dull. Use this superfruit powder to add fibre, nutrition, and the most vibrant natural colouring to your bowls. This dragon fruit powder is minimally processed, organically farmed, and directly supports the communities they come from.

Cosman & Webb

Cosman & Webb

Forget maple flavouring! Drizzle the real stuff, Canada No. 1 Medium or Grade A Amber, and sweeten your oats with the rich, smooth, and delicate notes of pure maple syrup, certified organic, from a family farm in Quebec, Canada. Maple syrup that is certified organic follows specific guidelines and regulations to ensure that no chemicals or other inorganic products are used during production.



Add some sweet, natural energy to your bowl with Manuka honey—an original functional food. Unpasteurised, raw, and delicious, this Non-GMO Project Verified multitasking superfood is packed in and sourced exclusively from New Zealand and is free of antibiotics, pesticides, and glyphosate.

GT's Living Foods


Coconut yogurt is perfect for mixing with your oats the night before to create nourishing, rich, and creamy overnight oats. This plant-based probiotic powerhouse is simply crafted with the meat of raw, young coconuts. Each satisfying spoonful of this unsweetened dairy-free yogurt offers billions of living probiotics that can support healthy digestion.

Spicely Organics


Not all cinnamon is created equal. Balance blood sugars and add warmth to your bowl with this organic and gluten-free pure cinnamon that is produced using ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices.

Together Hemp Co.

Together Hemp Co.

Breakfast sprinkles! These hemp hearts are raw, whole food, plant protein that are non-GMO, gluten-free and Ontario grown with love, without pesticides or herbicides. A fun and nourishing way to add good energy to your morning!

Zen Basil Seeds

Zen Basil

Have you tried basil in your oatmeal? A sprinkle of organic basil seeds is beautiful, fun, and loaded with super nutrition that you can tell your kids will give them superpowers!


Pascha Chocolate 

Chocolate for breakfast? These allergy-friendly chocolate chips are sugar-free! Made from very light organic cocoa beans, the flavour is smooth, bright, and wonderfully intense—it’s hard to believe that it is completely sugar- and sweetener-free.

Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions

Give your breakfast bowl a boost of heathy fats that are easily digestible and slow burning to fuel you longer. Organic, shredded, unsweetened coconut is an excellent source of copper and manganese, and a great source of iron, zinc, and selenium. 

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