Ethical Underwear for the Whole Family

Fabulous finds for every behind
pair of underwear with white floral print on red background
Photo courtesy of ThunderpantsUSA

Got your knickers in a knot? Whether it's cheap material, elastic that pinches and stretches out to the point of being useless, or wedgies that just won't quit, we've got some better booty for your booty! Ethical underwear doesn't just mean your family can feel virtuous about where your underthings came from, it also means that you can be snug and smug knowing you've got the best dressed cheeks in the room--even if no one else can see! Check out these brands to find your body's next favourite thing!


three kids sitting on stools in pink underpants and grey undershirts
Photo courtesy of Bloom

Tried, tested, and well-loved by the littlest members of the EcoParent team, this underwear is #goals! Bloom more than delivers on their big promise: these babies don’t itch, pinch, crawl, or creep. And wedgies?? Those are a thing of the past! Whether your kiddo digs boxers or briefs, this ultra-soft underwear is responsibly crafted from certified organic GOTS cotton in a factory that’s a proud member of the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring fair wages and benefits. Not only are they big on style, comfort, and movement, they’re also big on heart! Available in very generous kids sizes 2-10. P.S. Bloom now has super trainers for the smallest bums!


woman in banana-patterned underwear holding bunches of bananas to her chest and laughing
Photo courtesy of Thunderpants USA

Go bananas for prints! This fun, flirty, and fabulous underwear from Thunderpants is made with fair trade GOTS certified organic cotton and is designed for every kind of booty! Wear those high-waisted jeans with a pair of their Originals, go low with hipsters, or get ultra-comfy with sweats and a pair of Thunderpants’ boxer briefs!  Made in Portland, Oregon, they're dedicated to closing their carbon footprint by actively working towards using mills in the US to create their gorgeous cotton! Bold patterns, vintage style, seams that won’t ride up, and a product you can feel good about having up against your most delicate parts, Thunderpants has got you covered. Literally! Coming soon: kids underwear!


four ethnically diverse women wearing various natural shaded of underwear
Photo courtesy of Boody

Embrace the rainbow with Boody’s nudes that cover a wide array of skin tones! Feel confident that you can totally pull on a sheer top or white pants without anyone having to see London, France, or your underpants! Boody’s complete line of ethical underwear and bras are made with Ecocert and FSC certified organically grown bamboo, are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and carry the “Confidence in Textiles” label, which means those with super sensitive skin or skin ailments like eczema can be assured there are no heavy metals in their pants! Further, Boody’s products are manufactured in a WRAP certified facility. We call that winning!

Lucky & Me

two small girls holding hands and dancing in their underwear
Photo courtesy of Lucky & Me

As bright and cheery as your energetic youngster, Lucky & Me’s organic underwear is all about colour, style, and super softness! Both boxers and briefs are tag-free, which means no itchy distractions and the boxer briefs feature a waistband that stays put without pinching the skin. Go stripes, solids, or even a funky pattern and do so knowing that these undies, sitting right up against your child’s tender skin, are made from Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified organic cotton, are free from harmful chemicals, and are manufactured in WRAP certified facilities ensuring employees are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.


a pair of dark grey panties being held by two hands
Photo courtesy of Lunapads

Periods are a pain, but worrying about leaks doesn’t have to be one of them! Lunapads’ period panties can hold up to two tampons’ worth of menstrual flow and won’t leak! They’re cute, comfy, and offer wedgie-free protection. Plus, Lunapads period panties come with an extra insert to make sure those extra heavy days are as stress-free as possible. Perfect for the aprés birth crew, these undies can take all the abuse your body throws at them. Lunapads also supports education and menstrual health for girls in 18 nations with their Pads4Girls and One4Her programs. Made in Canada using 100% organic cotton.


woman shown from behind wearing bra and panties in a rainbow pattern
Photo courtesy of TomboyX

This underwear is for any body, regardless of where they sit on the gender spectrum. Underwear designed for real bodies with real needs for comfort, good fit, and ethical fabrication, most of TomboyX’s fabrics are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. The prints are made using a water-based, earth-conscious method and the company ensures its workers are paid fairly and well-treated in a safe workspace. From bras to briefs to boy shorts to boxers, TomboyX makes sure every body has access to colourful, creative, comfy basics that will last! TomboyX is committed to social justice and has a #humanagenda that they’re tackling one pair of underwear at a time!


Wama underwear
Photo courtesy of Wama

Made with naturally antibacterial and anti-odour sustainable hemp, these organic beauties fit like a glove! Soft and breathable boxers, briefs, hipsters, thongs, or bikinis will keep you cool in any sitaion! Wama is all about transparency, ensuring that most of the hemp used comes from small family run organic farms and that the manufacturing is done by factories who  pay fair wages and ensure quality working conditions. Get sustainably comfy with Wama!