Sulfate-Free Shampoos That Really Work

Good hair days guaranteed!
Woman brushing her long blonde hair while wearing a yellow top
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Don’t get into a lather stressing over which shampoos will keep your hair looking its best without synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. Check out some of our family faves that’ll keep everyone, from the smallest to the furriest, bad hair day-free!

Shampoo bottle
Photo courtesy EO Products

EO Products

We could all use a little balance in our lives and EO Products gets us one step closer with their sulfate-free hair care line! Featuring quinoa protein, chamomile, calendula, and aloe, and free from synthetics and toxins, Everyone Nourish Shampoo will keep your hair sulfate-free, moisture-wonderful, and smelling citrussy-sweet. Pair it with Nourish conditioner and combine the two to make an easy-breezy, 2-in-1 time saver! Also check out Everyone Balance sulfate-free hair products!

Solid shampoo bar
Photo courtesy Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Happy Kids Shampoo will have kids hollering “yee-haw!” because this ain’t your ordinary ‘poo: this one smells just like root beer! (It really does!) Made with plant-based aminos, soap nut extract, and sarsaparilla, it’s vegan and free from toxins and GMOs. For a grown-up twist, check out their Wild Kindness line which features luxurious additions like Canadian flaxseed and Abyssinian oil, or go zero-waste goddess with their rosemary shampoo bar!

Solid shampoo bar for dogs
Photo courtesy Soap and Cotton

Soap and Cotton

Every member of the family needs a quality shampoo, including Fido! Soap and Cotton Dog Shampoo Bars are pH-balanced specifically for dogs and work hard to cleanse fur and skin while remaining completely gentle. Featuring neem and shea butter, they’re zero-waste, free from synthetics, and come in puptastic scent combos like rosemary and lavender, or lemongrass and eucalyptus! Soap and Cotton also has bars for puppies (and people too!).

Shampoo bottle with yellow label
Photo courtesy Acure


Whether you’re looking for some serious hydration or love a shampoo that gives you all the tingles, Acure’s got you! 100% vegan and free from everything but quality ingredients that put the spotlight on shine and fullness. Extend the time between shampoo sessions with Acure’s dry shampoo, available for all hair types and for those with dark hair (hooray!). Sprinkle yourself totes grease-free!

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