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If you’re new to eco-living and trying to make sustainable choices while raising a healthier family, welcome! Maybe this is your first issue of EcoParent—we hope it won’t be the last. This section is our product round-up, where our editorial team puts together a selection of products that make it easier for you to go eco. If you’re a regular reader, then you know what’s what—so, let’s get down to it.


Apart from achieving the basics of cleanliness, the first thing you’ll notice after using Aspen Clean dishwasher and laundry pods is that the product leaves no residue—talk about peace of mind!

The laundry pods offer two natural scents: Eucalyptus and Rosemary as well as Lavender and Lemongrass. No overpowering synthetic fragrances, just subtle and pleasant aromas. Both products are also available unscented if that’s your preference. In addition, Aspen Clean offers a powder Oxygen Bleach with stain remover, which is all-natural, colour safe, and uses mineral-based ingredients and enzymes to clean and remove grime.

Aspen laundry and dishwasher pods

These dirt busters are biodegradable, vegan, sulphate-, phosphate-, petroleum-, cruelty-, and paraben-free. The ingredients are 100 percent natural and plant-derived with zero dyes, chlorine or plastics added. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe for sensitive skin, pets, babies, and septic systems. All of Aspen Clean’s products are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, and EWG verified. Their containers are made from 100 percent recycled paper and are compostable too! The laundry pods are suitable for standard and He laundry machines—now that’s quite a laundry list!

A child wears a Cove Cap


Ball caps can be found just about anywhere, but what sets Cove Cap Co. aside from others is the manufacturing and design. These ball caps are made from organic cotton—sustainably produced without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Soft to the touch, durable with a minimalist five-panel design, and they come in a great selection of very stylish colours. The best part is Cove Cap Co. has committed to donating partial profits of every cap to Mamas for Mamas National Charitable Foundation, which supports mothers and caregivers in crisis. That’s a home run with us!

a packaged Snackconscious bar


One three-bite Snackconscious package is all it takes to get rid of the ‘hangries’. Choose from three flavours: Peanut butter and jam, peanut butter chocolate chip, and chocolate brownie.

Why do we love Snackconscious? It’s vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, contains pre- and probiotics, no artificial flavours or sweeteners, and is keto-friendly (even if you’re not). The 9–10 g of plant-based fermented protein, low sugars (yet tastes sweet enough) and mood-boosting adaptogens will make you approachable once again.

A child wears Little Yogi Clothing


Looking for a fall cozy-up for your kiddos? Little Yogi has created a sustainable, eco-friendly sweatshirt made from certified organic cotton and bamboo. These sweatshirts are soft, breathable, and comfortable and will keep your little ones warm all season long. Handmade in Montreal, Canada, they come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit everyone in your family—kids and adults alike!

A box of Chickapea pasta


Have you ever tried completely plant-based pasta? If not, this will blow your mind! Chickapea makes several types of organic, plant-based pasta, that are ECOCERT, Certified B Corp., USDA Organic, Gluten-free, nonGMO, and Vegan. Chickapea Organic Shells (pictured here) are made from ONLY chickpeas and lentils, provide 23 g of protein, and 11 g of fibre per 100 g serving. And when it comes to taste—all we can say is yummy! Pair it with your favourite pasta sauce and you’ve got a winning combo. Chickapea believes that everyone should have access to nutritious food, so they donate two percent of all sales to providing regenerative, organic produce to people in need—now that’s sustainability in action.

Kliin products


Changing how you clean is what they’re good at. Their products are economical, convenient, and nature-friendly (bio-degradable and/or compostable). Their products clean thoroughly without harmful chemicals. The Twist & KLIIN Starter Kit gives you everything you need to start KLIINing. It comes with three pods of highly biodegradable concentrated cleaning formulas (all-purpose, bathroom, windows and mirrors), three new reusable bottles, a large green KLIIN reusable dishcloth, a five-sheet roll of reusable super absorbent, machine washable cleaning cloths (similar to a paper towel—but better!). Even their packaging is eco-responsible. Add KLIIN to your journey towards being an eco-friendly family in a sustainable home—after all, that’s what it’s all about. (English), (French).

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