Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Kids’ Wear

Fashion finds with the planet in mind
two kids run through the water across a beach's shoreline
Pexels / Kampus Production

Trying to find better clothing choices for your kids that are ethical, eco, and sustainable? So are we! Here are six garments that measure up. Our children are just as precious as the planet, so it’s worth taking the extra time to find brands that share your values and carry the modern designs and styles you love.


NUDNIK—Rubbish (Terry) Romper

Nudnik Rubbish Romper in blue


Eco-friendly and sustainable at its core, Nudnik’s Rubbish Terry Romper is made with 12 strips of organic fabric rescued from landfill—no new fabrics here (less wastewater and energy to manufacture). This cute onesie is easy on the environment, and on parents too—it’s so simple to put on, your little one will be romping around in no time. The Rubbish Romper is genderless, GOTS-certified, and carbon neutral. If that wasn’t enough, its packaging is completely compostable too. Did you read that? COMPOSTABLE! Nudnik’s use of scrap materials in all its clothing changes the game by viewing waste as a valuable resource; it’s all in the mindset.


LITTLE YOGIShort Little Marley

LITTLE YOGI—Short Little Marley in pink


This adorable monkey print swim short is easily the go-to leisure short for your little one. Lightweight clothing on those hot days makes for a happy kiddo in the water or on the beach. The ECOCERT certified Short Little Marley is durable and made from certified organic cotton and bamboo, with non-toxic water-based inks. The modern and genderless designs will have you shopping for more.


POKOLOKO—Crinkle Kids Poncho

POKOLOKO—Crinkle Kids Poncho in blue/grey


Your kids will love bath or beach time when they can cozy up into this wonderful and comfy genderless poncho to dry off. The Pokoloko Crinkle Kids’ Poncho is sand-resistant, machine-washable, lightweight, absorbent, quick-drying, and durable. Made from 100 percent layered artisanal Turkish cotton muslin, it’s easy to slip on, has a cute hood to give your little one that cocooned feeling when they need it, and is available in several colours. Pokoloko prides itself on its sustainability and carbon neutral commitment. For every item sold, they plant two trees to help offset their carbon footprint. Carbon credits anyone?





What the heck is TENCEL™ you might ask? Well, in this case, it’s a lightweight, eco-friendly blend of Lyocell and flax linen. It’s very soft on the skin, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and luxurious-feeling, but durable at the same time—making it easy to pass down to another child to continue the exploration for which it was designed. Petite Revery’s commitment to the environment begins with the elimination of new plastics in their garments through the use of recycled plastic in garment buttons, as well as ECOPURE® biodegradable plastic in their packaging. No kidding, biodegradable plastic!


HONEY CAKE TIGER—Kids' Sky's the Limit Unisex T-Shirt

HONEY CAKE TIGER—Kids' Sky's the Limit Unisex T-Shirt with rainbow stripes


This tee is as comfortable as it is cute—your kids will love it. Honey Cake Tiger’s Sky’s the Limit Unisex T-Shirt is made from sustainable materials and uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell thread, making it soft and comfy. The printed colours on all their garments are made with water-based inks, extending their eco-friendly company profile. Because Honey Cake Tiger loves the environment, they plant a tree for every order purchased.


MATE—Mini Organic Cotton Classic Tee

MATE—Mini Organic Cotton Classic Tee in salmon/pink


The classic tee, even for your little one. With a relaxed fit and super soft feel, this tee is made with 100 percent organic cotton jersey and coloured with non-toxic dyes (that means no carcinogens or endocrine disruptors). MATE clothing is also made plastic-free, working toward a planet sans plastic in the future. Using a circular philosophy, all previously loved garments can be recycled by sending them back to MATE where they can be made into new ones. Fabric scraps are also used to make new garments. They are 1% For The Planet, and Climate Neutral Certified. You’ve got the right idea, MATE! Only available in the United States.