Lanolin-Free Nipple Balms for Breastfeeding Pain

These soothing salves will nip your discomfort in the bud!
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Looking for a nipple balm without lanolin? We’ve got you covered. Literally! These lanolin-free nipple balms rely on luscious ingredients like honey, beeswax, and butters to soothe, heal, and protect. For plant-based only, check out our list of vegan nipple creams and nip discomfort in the bud!

Rumina Naturals

Ouchie Momma Nipple Rescue

Ouchie Mama Nipple Rescue

Be the land of milk and honey with Rumina Naturals Ouchie Momma Nipple Rescue. Featuring sterile medical-grade Manuka honey which means none of the botulism risk and all the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial healing rewards of Manuka!

Earth Mama Organics

Organic Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Organics Organic Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Organics USDA certified Organic Nipple Butter is great for pretty much everything from chapped lips to cracked feet. Oh, and it’s stellar for nipples too! With feel-good ingredients like mango, cocoa, and shea butters you can bet your tender skin will be saying a big old thank you!


Nipple Cream

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Made with USDA certified organic ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and marshmallow root, the anti-microbial properties in Motherlove Nipple Cream also make it an ideal salve for soothing baby acne!


Organic Nursing Balm

Simply made with no added aroma but the delicate scent of beeswax and coconut oil, but spectacular at creating a protective barrier, Badger Organic Nursing Balm features USDA certified ingredients and is hypoallergenic! 

Substance Mom

Nipple Creme

This certified organic multipurpose cream is ideal for chapped skin and lips and nipples! One of the Matter Company’s custom lines of products, Substance Mom Nipple Creme is herbally fantastic thanks to marshmallow root, plantain, and calendula.

The Spoiled Mama

Fix that Sucker Nipstick Nipple Butter

Fix That Sucker Nipstick Nipple Butter

Nipstick sore nipple cream is made with 100% organic ingredients. This stick is perfect for on-the-go momhood! Made with certified organic ingredients, this salve melts on hands-free-contact and helps to relieve nipple pain.

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