Jewellery With Heart

Give a gift that gives back!

You know what’s one of the worst things about the holidays? (and the answer to that is not too many cookies, because let’s face it: there can never be too many cookies!) Buying gifts. Buying gifts is hard, friends.

It gets harder as you get older and everyone already has everything. And all you want to do is find a gift that’s meaningful and thoughtful, something that will be appreciated and even treasured. Add to that your desire to opt for gifts that are eco-friendly and you have a recipe for a super stressful holiday season.

You want to buy a gift to show someone you care. But it can’t just be any gift. It has to be special.

Here's the thing: you can give a gift that will be treasured AND will make you feel great, too. Sounds almost too good to be true. But it isn’t!

Ethical jewellery that has all the right feels

Check out these ethical companies who are standing out from the pack with their commitments to fair wages, ethical treatment of employees, and dedication to using sustainable materials. Not only are these two companies establishing themselves as spokespeople for traditional artisanal practises, but they are also taking giving back to the next level!

hands holding brass bombshell ring Unikati

                                                                The Crushed Bomb ring from Unikati & Co

Unikati & Co.

Unikati & Co., a small Toronto-based company, seeks out unique pieces from remote parts of the world that are not only beautiful, but are sustainably and ethically produced. Each piece Unikati & co carries tells a tale: of the artisans, the materials, the craftsmanship, and the traditional techniques used. When you put on a piece of Unikati & co jewellery, you’re not just wearing it, you’re carrying a story with you.. 

The Crushed Bomb ring

This hammered brass ring has a very special provenance: it’s made from used bombshell casings and bullets leftover from the Khmer Rouge atrocities. It’s wearable history: a reminder of what has been, what could be, and the hope that we can be the change.

The purchase of this ring enables Cambodian artisans to make a fair wage and support their families in a society where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line. Unikati & co is helping to ensure that local artisans can be paid fairly for their work and in conjunction with Craftworks Cambodia, Unikati & co is also committed to environmental awareness, encouraging artisans to utilize recycled and sustainable materials.

hands with Tribe Of Lamb rings, holding ornament

                                      The Janaait ring (centre) and Sahaas ring (right), both from Tribe Of Lambs

Tribe of Lambs

Like Unikati & co, Tribe of Lambs is dedicated to supporting local artisans with fair wages, and ensuring a continuaton of traditional techniques. They work directly with the artisans in India to ensure that the jewellery is ethically made and sustainably sourced. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Tribe Of Lambs is a non-profit organization and dedicates 100% of the profits from their sales to helping HIV positive children in India.

Their aid is demonstrated through Tribe of Lamb’s compassion projects. They are currently on their sixth: the School Scholars Project, which is committed to raising enough money to fund the yearly tuition for each of the 54 students at Ray’s Home For HIV Positive Children in India.

The Janaati ring

(pictured above) Delicate script writing of the word tribe, which in hindi is janaati. Not only can you give one to each of your "tribe" of friends, you can wear it proudly, knowing that you’re supporting an entire community of  children in India who might otherwise go untreated and uneducated.

The Babita ring

(pictured in main photo) This is the perfect chunky ring for the statement-piece wearing person in your life. Named after one of the first recipients of Tribe Of Lamb’s profits, the Babita ring is all heart.

As an added bonus, Tribe of Lambs is offering EcoParent readers 10% off their first order, simply by using the code ECOPARENT10 at checkout. Pretty cool stuff!

Give a gift that gives back this year

I know, it's easy just to mindlessly shop and fill our carts with things in an effort to check another person off our list. Believe me, I've been there. But this year, why not mix things up by shopping consciously, intentionally, and with heart. They say the holidays is about giving, and presenting a beautiful, unexpected gift to a loved one that also gives back to an entire community, well, that's certainly a gift worth giving, isn't it?

Need some more inspiration?

Check out these great jewellery with heart options:

Alora Jewellery. Mother and daughter team who make beautiful jewellery out of recycled brass and glass. A portion of their sales goes to support communities in Ghana and help with education and health care. Many of their raw materials are also purchased from Ghana as well as the baskets they sell, ensuring the artisans receive a fair wage. 

Me To We Offers bracelets and more, all which give back to one of their global charity members. They even offer a neat "track your impact" tool where you can see how the proceeds of your purchase is used.