Fashion Fix: How to Fix a Drawstring.

It's quick and easy with this simple trick!

Ahhh drawstrings. Love 'em or hate 'em, these little strings can be the difference between you looking all cool and you, well, standing there in your underwear. They can mean the difference between your purchases getting home inside a bag, or getting spilled all over the backseat and rolling dangerously close to the brake pedal. A drawstring can literally save you in a rainstorm (don't believe me? Ask anyone who's ever cinched their hood around their face in a deluge!). 

As necessary as drawstrings are, they can also be a pain; especially when they half-come out of your waistband after your pants have been washed, or you cinch together a drawstring bag and pull just a teensy bit too hard and yank the whole string right out of the bag. I’ve been there. And believe me, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend patiently trying jam that string back through the waistband: it never happens. Never.

Now, in my former life, I may or may not be known as a drawstring destroyer. I would preemptively yank a perfectly good drawstring out of anything and chuck it in the trash before you could blink. But, the problem was that there exists those necessary drawstring situations. They're real. It took me years and a dozen awkward hand-firmly-planted-on-waistband situations before I started to truly appreciate the value of a good drawstring.  

Maybe if I had known how to fix a drawstring, I would'n't have been wandering around with my pants falling down, and random canned goods falling out of my drawstring-less bag. The moral of the story is: don't be like me! Repair those drawstrings! Walk proud with your pants firmly in place, and your hoodies resplendent with perfectly even strings that swing in tandem as you strut down the street. Because here's the deal: repairing a drawstring is ridiculously easy. As in, it’ll literally take you five minutes to go from pants around your ankles to firmly tied in place where they should be.

Now before you start to think you need fancy gadgets or be a seamstress to make any sort of repairs, let me dispel you of this now: all you need is a safety pin. And for the sake of this tutorial, I used a safety pin I found on the ground. No, really, I found it on my driveway. It's probably not even mine. It's small and flimsy and the kind that attaches cute artisinal tags to clothing. If I had chosen a larger safety pin, the job would've been even easier, but as it stands, even with this tiny safety pin, it took me less time than to boil my water for tea. Which is pretty good, in my opinion. See? You don't even need a fancy safety pin! You can just use whatever crummy one you find!

How fix a drawstring in less than five minutes!

attach safety pin to end of drawstring

Attach a safety pin to one end of your drawstring.

Insert safety pin into drawstring opening. Use your fingers to wiggle the safety pin along the casing for the string, feeling through the fabric to push the pin while easing the fabric over the pin as you push it along.

Once the safety pin is through the other drawstring opening, redistribute fabric along the string, until it’s even.

Pull until the drawstring is the same length on each side, then knot at the end of each string, making sure that the knots are larger than the drawstring openings.

Now go get that cup of tea!