Branch Out With These Frames

Eco Eyewear giving new life to bamboo and wood

As we green up our lives, we make educated decisions on the food we purchase, the products we use on our bodies, and the clothing we buy. We make sure we steer clear of the dirty dozen, sweatshop clothing, and any chemical we can't pronounce. But there's another easy way to get a little greener this season: eco eyewear.  

Glasses are no longer the bane of those suffering from less than perfect vision. Instead they've become cool and hip and people are wearing them as accessories instead of as nuisances. From prescription frames to totally cool shades, there are about a million options to choose from. And with all those options, why not go green?

Brown is the new green: Why wood and bamboo frames totally rock.

Frames made from wood or bamboo are amazingly lightweight and easy to wear. They have a coolness factor of 10 and make you look like you actually enjoy perusing a good novel and drinking microbrew. Don't let their humble materials fool you—these glasses are all hardwearing and tough. They can put up with our crazy Canadian seasons and can handle drops, fumbles, and the harrows of the bottom of your purse with the best of them.

In our ever increasing socially aware climate, companies are meeting the demands for greener, more sustainable, and still definitely cool products. Eyewear is no exception. There are many great eyewear brands who have set themselves apart with environmentally friendly products, made from sustainable materials. They focus on quality frames and on giving back through charitable organizations. And the best part is, these glasses don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Next time you're in the market for glasses, whether prescription, shades, or camoflauge from the paparazzi, consider these fun, eco options. Brown is the new green. Who knew, right?!?


Proof, based in Idaho, specializes in wood frames and sunglasses. The frames themselves are proudly manufactured from wood harvested from certified sustainable forests in North America. Each pair of glasses get a little extra TLC and are hand-stained and waterproofed. Not only do they offer frames which you simply take to your local optomitrist to have prescription lenses put in, but they also carry a great selection of sunglasses.

As an added plus, Proof also carries an eco collection that features cotton acetate frames, which is 100% biodegradeable!

Proof doesn't stop there! They also give back to community, both locally and globally. They have partnered with many charitable organizations including HELP International and the Nature Conservency, taking to heart the concept of being a global citizen.

All that for prices starting at around $120, and they ship to Canada (hooray!)


Panda is a little company that could, getting its start as a kickstarter project gone right. Their frames are made from bamboo, which is sustainable, renewable and extrememly hardy. Bamboo is incredibly tough, yet lightweight, great for those sunglasses that get tossed on the passenger seat, uncerimoniously dumped in the bottom of purses, and half-buried in the sand. 

Plus, for every pair of sunglasses you purchase, Panda provides an eye exam and donates a pair of prescription frames to someone in need, through their Gift of Vision program. 

Bamboo is one cool, green option and worth the very affordable $120 price tag! (Yes, Panda also ships to Canada!)

So, before you head out to the mall for your next frames, try going green! You'll be amazed at what you can find when you branch out! 

Check out these two awesome companies with heart!