Sustainability and STEM Virtual Earth Day Summit

practical activities and engaging lessons for all ages!

Looking to start your journey to sustainable living as a family? Begin this coming Earth Day weekend (April 22-24, 2021) with a series of virtual workshops and events all about the what, how, and why of eco-conscious living. Eight diverse women educators, scientists, sustainability advocates, and parents have teamed up to create the Sustainability & STEM Virtual Earth Day Summit, sharing practical activities and engaging lessons for kids and families!

From hands-on science activities and engineering challenges for children of all ages, story-times for preschoolers, discussion forums on intersectional environmentalism, workshops to guide you on going zero waste with kids and composting 101, our program of events is filled with informative, interactive workshops. 

Programming and Schedule

  • Story-Time for Preschoolers: Reading aloud of some curated children’s books on sustainability and Earth Day, as well as reading suggestions for your young environmentalists. (Ages pre-K to 2nd)
  • Composting for Kids: A hands-on investigation of nature’s recycling system, complete with a sorting activity and “what doesn’t belong” game! (Ages pre-K thru 5)
  • Get Growing: Build and grow a sprout house to discover the wonders of planting seeds and growing your own food. (pre-K thru 5)
  • How to Become an Eco-Activist: Join the discussion with young environmentalists on why they’ve chosen to take a stand for Mother Earth and how you can, too! (Ages middle school/high school)
  • Family STEM Challenge: Gather up your family and get ready to upcycle household materials into a windmill in this engineering challenge! (All ages)
  • Science Exploration of Non-renewable Resources: Mine for “coal” and clean up an oil spill to learn the negative effects that these sources of energy have on our health, and the health of all species that reside on this planet. (Ages pre-K thru 5)
  • Going Zero Waste with Kids: Learn how to lessen your impact on the planet with easy-to-implement tips, including introducing your family to a trash audit. (All ages)
  • Composting 101: Learn all the ways in which you can compost at home or in your community, as well as tips and tricks from a self-proclaimed composting nerd! (All ages)
  • The Science of Solar Power: Build a solar-powered bug in this hands-on science workshop and learn how solar cells work. (All ages)
  • Intersectional Environmentalism: Learn how environmental pollution disproportionately affects BIPOC community members and how the demand for environmental justice and social justice are tightly linked in this candid Q&A session. (Ages middle school and up)
  • Science is Everywhere, Science is for Everyone: Listen to marine microbiologist Dr. Jeanette Davis read aloud her children’s book and then learn about becoming a marine biologist. (Book: pre-K thru 2nd grade; Discussion – all ages)

Ticketing, scheduling, and presenter information can be found HERE.