Cameron was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and graduated from New York University.  He worked in Investment Banking for several years before moving to Hong Kong in the early 90's, where he lived for 25 years before moving back to Salt Lake City.  He's been in the baby product business since 1995 - spending 10 years as a retailer, 10 years as a distributor and then 5 years now as the founder, along with his wife Lorilyn, of Pacific Baby. 

Lorilyn has designed many of the company’s products, and manages Pacific Baby’s marketing and promotional activities.  Lorilyn hails from the Philippines, where she studied Communications at the University of the East before moving to Hong Kong.  Presently, the Honarvars spend their time in both Salt Lake and Hong Kong, trying to build up Pacific Baby and get their message out regarding environmentally sustainable and healthy feeding products!