Dr. Maryellen Tedeschi ND's approach to health care is one that is naturally-focused and research-driven. She is passionate about empowering women to make informed decisions about their health, so that they can feel their best. A combination of clinical nutrition, supplementation, custom-compounded solutions (including bio-identical hormone therapy and natural desiccated thyroid), mind-body support, acupuncture and physical therapies are used as part of a patient-centred treatment plan to address your unique health needs. The magic happens when your Naturopathic Doctor and patient work together as a team to address your health goals, both short and long-term. Dr. Maryellen Tedeschi ND practices at the Waterdown Clinic of Functional and Integrative Medicine, and offers virtual visits to service residents across Ontario. waterdownclinic.com

Maryellen Tedeschi