5 Ingredients for Hearty Soups

Cook up comfort foods that deliver on nutrition
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Hearty homemade soups not only warm the spirit on these cold winter days, but can also offer a healthy dose of much-needed nutrition. Even if you prefer to “wing it” in the kitchen, there’s a multitude of versatile, healthy ingredients that you can keep on hand to take soup season to the next level. 

Winning Winter Ingredients

Hearty soups are just what the doctor ordered for a cold weather-ready diet. Soups can satiate our appetite for longer and help address a variety of common winter complaints—from soothing sore throats to recovering from seasonal illnesses that make more solid foods hard on the gut and digestive system. Let’s look at a few star ingredients we can add to our pantries to ramp up the health benefits of soups even more.

Split Peas

Not to be confused with lentils, split peas are grown with the purpose of being dried, after which the outer skin is peeled off and the peas are halved. Split peas are low in cholesterol and fats, but they really shine with their fibre- and protein-rich profile. In fact, just a single serving of split peas provides 14–18 percent of our daily recommended protein. They can also be beneficial for weight regulation and muscle growth. Bonus: Split peas don’t need to be presoaked, and they cook more quickly than many other legumes.

Eden Foods Green Split Peas


If you’re looking for a variety to add to your shopping list, try Eden Foods Green Split Peas. Organically grown on family farms with mineral-rich soil, these green split peas cook into a perfect, creamy consistency.


Low in cholesterol and full of vitamin B6, potassium, folate, and iron, the addition of barley to your soup recipes can help support overall heart health. By extension, barley promotes lower blood pressure and a lower risk of diabetes.

Make a healthy choice with Eden Foods Pearled Barley. Grown organic and made with much of the germ and bran layer still intact, Eden’s variety ensures that you can reap more of barley’s natural nutritional benefits.

Eden Foods Pearled Barley



Like split peas, lentils are known for their fibre and protein power. And don’t let their size fool you—these small legumes (also known as pulses) boast a potent amount of polyphenols, antioxidants with impressive disease-fighting properties. Polyphenols neutralize potentially dangerous free radicals, protect cells from damage, and can play a role in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. Add lentils to your recipes with ease, as they can be cooked quickly and don’t require presoaking. 

Try Eden Foods Green Lentils. Packaged in an eco-friendly box and harvested from mineral-rich soil, these larger-sized organic lentils will also hold their shape well during cooking. 

Eden Foods Green Lentils



“Beans” may seem like a broad term for a food with so many varieties, but they’re all legumes sourced from the same impressive family of plants. Beans contain plenty of amino acids, the “building blocks” of protein, and they’re often a primary source of this essential nutrient for those that opt for vegan or vegetarian diets. Some research suggests that replacing proteins derived from animal sources with those found in beans can even reduce the risk of cardiovascular health issues, such as heart attacks.

We recommend Eden Foods Navy Beans for a conveniently presoaked and pressure cooked option. Made in an organic, kosher cannery, Eden’s beans are also additive-free and low in sodium. Need some winter soup inspiration? Try using these beans in a delicious Navy Bean Vegetable Soup recipe. 

Eden Foods Navy Beans


Wild Rice

Although it looks and even cooks like rice, wild rice is actually considered an aquatic grass that contains an edible grain. What further sets it apart from other rice varieties is its protein content. A single (100 g) serving contains fewer calories and nearly twice as much protein as most white or brown rice. The result? You can eat smaller portion sizes and still feel more satiated and energized throughout your day.

Eden Foods Wild Rice is hand harvested and wood fire-parched. This award-winning, 100 percent whole grain rice is also quick-cooking and comes in an eco-friendly, re-closable standing pouch.

Eden Foods Wild Rice


Enjoy the Best with Eden Foods

With flavorful goodness in every bite, Eden Foods offers some of the best organic options on the market. Stock your pantry today with these pure and purifying ingredients, and embrace the cozy warmth of healthier soups all winter long.



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