5 Smoothie Moves for Smart Parents

Make your smoothies even more nutritious with these perfect additions
Strawberries displayed on a white plate beside a green smoothie in a tall glass
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We are always looking for ways to pack as much healthy stuff as we can into our children’s diets. Daily smoothies are a super tasty and popular way to jam in all the good stuff, but busy parents might struggle to keep the kitchen consistently stocked with kid-approved, smoothie-friendly ingredients, and not everyone can rise to the creative challenge of inventing great-tasting and healthy combos on the fly -- and without the kitchen devolving into a chaotic mess! Ditch the drudgery completely, and make perfect smoothies in seconds with the help of Electric Juice Factory, a family-friendly Canadian health food manufacturer. EJF recently launched a new line called Nutes Frozen Superfood Smoothies. Nutes make blitzing a breeze! Health food and grocery stores in Ontario are now selling these blender-ready frozen smoothie discs, packed with raw, healthy, plant-powered ingredients! Full of whole food goodness, these smoothies taste super fresh and yummy, just like made from scratch, and preparation is mess-and-stress-free! Simply toss the discs in a blender with your child’s fave liquid (such as any milk alternative, water, juice, or coconut water), and blend away. Your little ones can slurp to their heart’s content, and you can feel confident they’re getting the good stuff their growing bodies need… including some stuff that kids are often reluctant to eat in solid form. Smoothies are great for “hiding” healthy ingredients!

Be a Smooth Operator!

Ready to level up? Reign Smoothie-Maker Supreme with simple nutrient-dense additions to your Nutes Frozen Superfood Smoothies. The easy and mostly inexpensive ingredients described below all promote health, vitality, and a full tummy. You will look like a nutritional ninja, and we promise that the utter simplicity of your routine will be our little secret!

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1. Fats for Focus!

Get their growing brains ready for learning by adding some extra healthy fats to their smoothie! Nut and seed butters, high-fat yogurts, coconut kefirs, and avocado and coconut oils are all tasty add-ins that can help with self-regulation, focus, and brain-building. If your child likes a crunchy texture, sprinkle chopped nuts as a garnish at the top of their smoothie glass, or layer nuts on top in a thicker smoothie bowl creation.

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2. Protein Power!

Pack a protein punch without the weird, chalky taste and texture of the average protein shake by amping up your child’s delicious whole foods smoothie with high protein ingredients. Nuts, spinach, coconut milk, flax, chia seeds, your preferred protein powder... all are good choices to make any smoothie a superhero, keeping kids energized and balanced until the next meal!

Photo of a green smoothie with a straw and spinach leaves scattered around it
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3. Gorgeous Greens!

Help children learn to love their greens with a vibrantly green-hued smoothie. Greens like spinach can turn a smoothie a lush, verdant green, while kale creates a deeper forest green. But a word of caution: colour-mixing is an art, and clever combinations are key! Adding greens to a pink, red, or purple berry-based smoothie often produces an unappetizing brown, which some kids will reject, while tossing a handful (or two!) of spinach into a sunshiny pineapple-banana combo will result in a happy bright chartreuse!

Pink coloured smoothie in a tall glass with sliced strawberries and banana on a cutting board beside it
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4. Probiotic Potential!

We’re just now beginning to understand how important beneficial bacteria are for keeping our digestive, immune, and even neurological systems working to their fullest potential. Making sure our bodies get a solid dose of good bacteria as a part of a healthy diet is key. Nutes Frozen Superfood Smoothies are full of whole food plant ingredients that already help with gut flora enrichment, but you can boost a smoothie’s probiotic power with a dollop of coconut kefir, plain yogurt, or a serving of probiotic powder. A rich and diverse microbiome helps little bodies and minds stay strong and balanced!

A little girl about 6 years old sitting on a kitchen counter and holding a smoothie in a glass.
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5. Fibre Full!

Help quell those hangries with a bump of fibre-rich goodness, either blended in a smoothie or layered on top of a smoothie bowl creation. Oats, flax, bananas, and apples all help create a feeling of fullness, and come with the added bonus of being prebiotics, meaning foods that help create a nourishing environment for beneficial bacterial. It’s a win-win!