Healthier S'mores

The classic campfire treat gets an upgrade!
smores and marshmallows scattered around a table
© Can Stock Photo / bhofack2

The classic campfire sweet treat gets an upgrade. Some alternative options to make your melty, gooey guilty pleasure a little better!


Replace regular old Jet-puffed with Dandies: these are gluten-free air-puffed and vegan - so no gelatin here! If you live near a Whole Foods Market, they make their own brand of handcrafted marshmallows that are free of corn syrup but very full of flavour. Or, try making your own marshmallows!

Chocolate bar

Try Camino Dark or Coconut Chocolate, or another high-quality brand. Camino is a fabulous Canadian brand of fair-trade and organic products. Using dark chocolate is not only a healthier option, it’s also an absolutely delicious twist on the classic.

Graham Cracker

S’morables: from Kinnikinnick - these are gluten-free, and free of hydrogenated oils. You can also make your own, like these from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Roast one large marshmallow over the fire. Place a square of chocolate on a graham cracker and place the roasted marshmallow on top, and then another graham cracker. Smoosh them all together and enjoy!

*Originally published March 3, 2013