Switch to Soymilk This Summer

A better base ingredient for your favorite seasonal recipes
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The summer season is in full swing, and with it arrives a craving for smoothies and all kinds of other refreshing, dairy-rich treats. But what about those of us who are looking for a plant-based alternative that’s good for not only our bodies, but also the planet? When created with care, soymilk can be a truly nutritious and eco-friendly alternative. 

The Potential Health Benefits of Soy

Like many of the best foods we can have on our tables, soy has been a part of the human diet since ancient times. In 1999, the FDA recognized soy’s role in reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. A recent 2019 study in the Journal of Nutrition further concluded that eating approximately 25 grams of soy protein a day is associated with significantly lowered LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, which is known to be a key risk factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases. There’s also been promising research that suggests soy can help support and even enhance bone health when consumed as part of a plant-based diet.

The Unsavory Side of the Soy Market 

Despite all the wonderful health benefits associated with soy, perhaps you’re still a little skeptical—after all, soymilk has historically had a bit of a “bad beverage” reputation. But why is that? As it turns out, many soymilks that have raised red flags in the health community are actually the by-products of shady marketing and a whole slew of ingredients you won’t find listed on any packaging. 

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While many soymilks claim to be healthy and organic, they are actually chock-full of cheap ingredients, hexane-extracted GMO soy isolates, and so-called “natural flavors” that couldn’t be any less naturally produced! Understandably, many consumers have been misled into buying flavored soymilks that contain toxic petrochemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives, ethanol, and synthetic propylene glycol—all “incidental additives” that often aren’t legally required to appear on food labels. Unfortunately, the abundance of such products on the market has negatively influenced public perception of soymilk over the years.

Crafting Soymilk with Conscious Care

But luckily for conscious consumers, it simply takes some selective shopping to get the most out of this otherwise amazing plant-based drink. Unlike cheaply made varieties, whole organic soymilks that are crafted using natural and exacting processes of cooking and fermentation can be both nutritious and eco-friendly (not to mention delicious)! One soymilk that stands out in this regard is Eden Foods’ EDENSOY

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Completely GMO-free for nearly 40 years, Eden Foods’ growing seeds, plants, factories, and even elevators all undergo multiple tests to ensure product purity before anything hits grocery store shelves. The company works closely with farmers to cultivate only the best variety of soybean, so EDENSOY can be made without those not-so-great enzyme invalidators (flavor maskers) that bog down so many other soymilks. In fact, every ingredient can be found right on the EDENSOY carton! Speaking of cartons, we also love EDENSOY’s new slim-litre Tetra Pak packaging—recyclable, aseptic, and sourced primarily from certified-sustainable forests, these Tetra Paks eliminate the need for refrigeration and help reduce food waste.

Summer Soymilk Inspiration

Consider pairing up EDENSOY with some of your favorite seasonal recipes. Although we encourage you to view the full product line, we’ve listed a few summer standouts below that you may want to add to your grocery list ASAP.

A touch of sweetness

As the only soymilk in the US to be made with pure vanilla extract (no chemicals here!), Organic Vanilla EDENSOY is sure to be a summertime favourite for the whole family. Cool off with an icy vanilla frappé, or use this milk as the base for your overnight oats or chia pudding to start mornings off right. This soymilk also boasts an impressive nutritional profile full of beta carotene, calcium carbonate, and Vitamins E, D12, and D2.

Organic Vanilla EdenSoy


Sensitive stomach?

Try Organic Unsweetened EDENSOY—perfect for anyone you know who could do without gluten or sweeteners. Use it cup-for-cup as a cow’s milk substitute for everything from smoothies to frozen fruit pops. (Bonus: Organic Unsweetened has more whole soy protein in it than any other soymilk on the US market!)

Organic Unsweetened EdenSoy


Calling all chocolate lovers!

There’s at least one in every family, and Organic Carob EDENSOY delivers with the chocolatey good taste of ground carob pods. Although this milk can be enjoyed all year round, nothing can beat a chilled pudding or summery smoothie as the temperatures climb. Our current carob-flavored recipe of choice is this refreshing Chocolate Peanut Butter Mint Smoothie.

Organic Carob EdenSoy


Find Peace of Mind with Eden Foods

With so many options and marketing gimmicks out there, choosing any food product for yourself and your family can seem like a daunting task at times. But Eden Foods prides itself on full transparency and a health- and planet-first approach to product-making—meaning you can rest easy, and enjoy this summer with only the best of milk alternatives at your table.

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Founded in 1968, Eden Foods is the oldest principled independent organic food company in the United States. Its mission is Creation and Maintenance of Purity in Food. Eden brand is the authentic alternative to commercial food; the purest, best tasting grains, beans, and vegetables on the planet, from known trusted growers. Healthy soil, long-term organic, non-GMO.

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