5 Ways to Give Healthy Gifts This Year

Show your loved ones how much you care with a gift that puts their health first

Coming up with fun and unique holiday presents for friends and family is always a lot more daunting than it sounds. Add on practical, environmentally responsible and budget-friendly, and we’re almost ready to cry!

Well, don’t reach for that Kleenex box just yet. There are many great gift ideas that will fulfill all of the above criteria with the added bonus of providing something that we all want, need and can never get enough of – good health.

Adding on a healthy twist to your gift giving this year is a great way to bring an extra layer of loving care for your children, family and friends.

Remember that health is not just food and exercise! To be healthy we also want to nourish our minds and spirits as well as our physical body. With that idea in mind, think of all the great ways you can promote your loved ones’ health through a great holiday gift.

Here are five ideas to kick-start your holiday gift planning:

1. Teas: Tea is a traditional way of infusing health into your daily life. Many people do not give tea the credit it deserves in terms of both short and long term health benefits. The tea industry is booming these days with many great options for different flavours and blends. Add in a pot that steeps the loose leaf herbs and you have a gift that will warm their body and mind, create and encourage a healthy habit, and offer something that can be used all year round. It is important to look at the ingredients of the tea blends to ensure good quality herbs. Some companies prioritize flavour over health and add in artificial colors and flavours to make it more appealing to the palate. Decide what your priorities are and choose accordingly.

2. Natural Beauty Items: More and more evidence is coming out about the negative health implications of many common ingredients found in our every day cleansers and cosmetics. Thankfully, there is a growing movement of clean, toxin-free and fun products to choose from. The Environmental Working Group rates many different household and beauty products in terms of safety for you and the environment and can be a great resource not only for gifts but your everyday life. Many local shops will feature small businesses that are based entirely around these principles! Get your best friend, husband or child hooked on a natural and safe product – you’ll not only improve their long-term health, but also support a local business!

3. Love and Laughter: Remember that health also includes mind and spirit! Why not help nourish your loved ones’ spirit and bring some more love and laughter to their life? And what better way to do that then the gift of… you! Give the gift of an experience to do together. Really make it a time to appreciate them, share what they mean to you and indulge in your connection together. There are options for every age and season, and it can be something that grows into a wonderful holiday tradition.

4. Delicious Food: We cannot force feed our friends healthy food, but we can gently encourage a more healthy palate and maybe spark some new food favorites! Consider a cooking class, great healthy cookbook or a basket of your favorite staples that are always in your pantry, with instructions of how and when to use. If you are buying for a family, you could also look into sponsoring them a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) basket for the summer season. You pay their seasonal fee and they are rewarded with beautiful fresh produce delivered to their home weekly throughout the growing season! A gift that literally keeps on giving!

5. Non-toxic Toys: It is difficult to break away from the idea of toys for our kids at this time of year. So make your toy choices a healthy one! Be mindful of choosing non-toxic toys that are safe for our kids to touch, sniff, suck, bite and chew on. Websites such as Healthy Stuff test out products and rate their toxicity level, and provide guides on how to navigate purchases in a healthy and safe way. When it comes to toys, the more natural the material the better it will be for your child.

Gift giving does not have to come with stress, either for your brain or your family’s health. You can take into consideration all the different aspects of health, the environmental impact and supporting local business, and still have your holiday shopping done with time to spare drinking your new tea while taking a bath with your new moisturizing, chemical-free bath bombs – who says the gifts have to all be for them?