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TRU Beauty Confessions

Real beauty is not just skin deep.

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The Podcast:

The advertised status quo of ‘beauty’ is fleeting for most. We believe in finding inspiration in the natural world around us and reminding ourselves we are of this magnificence. Not only will we make more ethical and green choices about our beauty regimens, but we can rediscover and activate this natural magnificence in ourselves. With over 20 years of industry experience and now a practicing Clinical Herbalist, our host Michelle Rosetta seeks to support our natural beauty not only from the outside, but from inside as well.

Join Michelle as she covers topics such as skin sag, swelling, hormonal impact on the skin, menopausal belly, your beauty mindset and vibration, and even the best shade of nontoxic blush for the season. With a panel of neighbours from next door along with experts in their fields, we as a community will delve into products, activities, and tips that will support your beauty. Subsequently, TRU Beauty Confessions will offer a safe space to discuss how we really feel about our transforming bodies and what may be helpful to prop up the other integral, but unspoken, aspects of a beautiful self including the emotional, mental and energetic. We refuse to fade out into the background and will continue to be bold and beautiful in every season of this life journey. We cannot wait to dive in!

Your Host:

Michelle Rosetta
Michelle Rosetta

Michelle is a beauty provocateur exploring ‘beauty’ in product development, the basics of skin care, and the knowing that it is more than skin deep.


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