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Healthy Green Homes

Healthier, greener homes. No judgment.

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The Podcast:

Are you an eco- and health-conscious parent who wants to make positive changes to your home to reduce toxins and your carbon footprint? Then the "Healthy Green Home Podcast” is for you! Each episode will help you understand how to make environmentally friendly changes to your home without overwhelming you in the process.

Your host, Emma Rohmann, brings over 15 years of experience as an accredited green building consultant and has been helping families reduce toxins in their homes for over 5 years through her business, Green at Home.

This podcast will feature expert insights, advice, and strategies to help you create a healthy home - for your family and the planet. Best of all, Emma will help you take the most important information and use it to drive change. And she will do it all without that all-or-nothing judgmental attitude that makes so many people afraid to tackle healthy and green projects at home.

Your Host:

Emma Rohmann
Emma Rohmann

Emma is an environmental engineer and mom on a mission to help families reduce toxins at home without overwhelm.


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