Taco Night Done Right!

Let’s taco-bout Taco Tuesday!
assorted taco ingredients laid out on black background
© Can Stock Photo / klenova

Why am I an advocate for a build-your-own meals format like Taco Night? Any hack that can nourish everyone (guests included) and satisfy my family—with no complaining or whining!—is a win. Taco night, or make-your-own-burrito-bowl-buffet, is something my family looks forward to, it’s always a crowd-pleaser when friends are over, and it’s an easy way to accommodate all food preferences, allergies, and diets. We put out wholesome, delicious foods and ingredients with as much fresh (and frozen, season-dependant) produce as we can, then go to town filling our bowls or shells with our favorites, encouraging and motivating one another to try something new. No stress at this fiesta!  (Hint: I prep ingredients all week and make lots of extras knowing that leftovers are a much-requested must!)

Set it up!


Taco shells 

box of Siete Grain-free taco shells

Everything you crave about a hard taco shell, but made with a few good grain-free ingredients like cassava, pumpkin, and avocado oil. Pop them in the oven for 2-3 minutes to warm and serve up something to taco ‘bout. sietefoods.com

Late July

Tortilla chips

bag of Late July tortilla chips

This is “nacho” average chip! When you buy corn chips, you want to make sure they’re certified organic and non-GMO. Bonus, they have delicious orange ones made from sweet potato as an option—perfect for that Instagram-worthy spread! latejuly.com  

Positively Plantain


Tortillas are traditionally made with flour or corn, but that doesn’t work for many with allergies and sensitivities. These are made simply with nutrient-rich green plantains, aluminum- and corn-free baking powder, and Celtic sea salt. That’s it. No fillers but begging for your favorite fillings! positivelyplantain.com

Fill it up!

Big Mountain Foods

Cauli Crumble

Big Mountain Foods Cauli Crumble

Satisfy your taco-sized appetite with this vegan crumble that’s loaded with fresh, nutritious ingredients like peas, cauliflower, and sunflower seeds. Free from gluten, soy, and dairy, full of flavour and made with love by a women-owned, family-operated team. bigmountainfoods.com


Organic taco seasoning

Riega Organic taco seasoning

You know those typical taco seasoning pouches? This isn’t them! Those ones are full of toxicants and MSG but Reiga’s are made with certified organic herbs and spices, and is gluten and chemical filler free! riegafoods.com

Second Spring

Sprouted rice and beans

Sprouting beans and grains help them become more flavorful, nutritious, and easier to digest, and Second Spring takes the work out of it for you! Choose your favorite pulses and rice blends to stuff in a shell, wrap, or as a base to your taco bowl! secondspringfoods.com

Dress it up!


Cocina queso de jalapeno

Zubiate Cocina Queso de Jalapeno

Say queso! Dip, spread, and drizzle this creamy, velvet-like queso to your heart’s content (we won’t judge!). It’s certified organic, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan, and unlike most cheese-dip-alternatives, you can actually pronounce the ingredient list! eatzubi.com

Forager Project


Forager Project Cashewgurt

The flavor and creamy texture of cashews make them ideal for creating this plant-based, cultured creamy goodness—and it’s organic, too! There’s nothing to mock with the real ingredients in this cashewgurt! foragerproject.com

Do Anything


jar of Do Anything Beet Pesto

Versatility is key when meal planning, and some really great sauces can take simple veg, rice, and beans, and give you so many flavorful meal options. Why not spread some beet pesto, and drizzle some butternut squash sauce on your tacos tonight, and then enjoy them on a pasta or pizza tomorrow? doanythingfoods.com